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Hung Kuen Kung-fu Brno: Lam Sai Wing – Chan Hon Chung Lineage

Our school has been operating since 1991.
We practice at a location in Základní škola (Elementary school) Náměstí 28. října 22, Brno.
Training timetable: Monday and Thursday – 18:30 – 20:30

Classes are held in Czech, but there are always instructors who speak fluent English. Anyway, you need at least basic knowledge of Czech to participate in our classes.
You can try lessons for free 23., 26. and 30.1. 2023.

Our kung fu (gong fu 功夫) school Hung Kuen Kung-fu Brno is connected to this lineage through Jim Uglow Si-fu who teaches the complete system as it was passed on to him by his teacher Chan Hon Chung. After the death of his teacher (1991) he continued to study under his elder kung-fu brother Kong Pui Wai.

There are no secrets in the Hung Kuen, just that this information is not available at every corner. The teaching is intended only for those who are seriously interested in the traditional system – with all that it brings. That means with the exact succession of individual exercises, forms, work with a partner, etc. Every next exercise is presented to the student only then, when he or she is ready for it.
If you are willing to first “empty your cup” and break free of all that you are imagining under theHung Kuen, and start to study the traditional system, then you can find here what you are looking for.

Suitable clothing and shoes:
Any clothes which allows you to move freely is suitable for first lessons.

Classes are conducted in Czech, but there is also an option of private classes conducted in English or Russian.
Private classes can be held any time during the day according to your schedule or preferences. If you are interested in private classes, contact me via e-mail or call me to: +420 608 711 933.